Why Volunteer

Why Volunteer?

Whether you are looking to make a career in the fire service or EMS field or just want to help out in the community and learn new skills, Wescott Fire Department is the place to be. All career staff for the Wescott Fire Department has been hired from the volunteer membership and that is always our first choice when hiring.  Wescott Fire Department is proud to state that, to date, over 40 volunteers have moved into career positions on fire departments throughout the country.  To aid them, the department provides outstanding training, mock oral boards, actual call experience, physical fitness training and evaluation, and as a networking resource to other departments and their chain of command.

As for people who just want to volunteer and are not looking for a career, Wescott Fire Department offers not only the training and call experience mentioned above but also offers numerous ways to connect with the community and public. Station tours, school public education events, open houses, neighborhood block parties, home and business inspections, CPR classes, and many more are always opportunities to teach and keep in touch with the pulse of the community. Social events such as departmental BBQs, team sports, and the annual Awards and Christmas party allow the membership to enjoy each others company without the intensity and seriousness of an emergency scene. The department also offers a retirement pension plan for those volunteers who put in over 5 years of service.

As one long time volunteer stated “…the department is an extension of my family. While I enjoy giving back to the community and the work this department does and the training and experience I receive, when you come right down to it, I am here because my family is here.” Ask yourself if this is the environment you want to be involved with and whether you have the drive and commitment required. That will answer your question.