Donald Wescott Fire Protection District Proposed 2022 Budget

Donald Wescott, Fire Protection District Proposed 2022 Budget 

November 22, 2021

Executive Summary

The Donald Wescott Fire Protection District (DWFPD) is pleased to provide our proposed 2022 budget for public review. This budget was developed in accordance with the budget process and calendar approved by the Board in July. The DWFPD Board of Directors will consider this budget at their December meeting on Wednesday, December 8 at 4:00 PM at Fire Station 1 at 15415 Gleneagle Dr. at which time they will conduct a public hearing. The information presented here may be adjusted based on the final property tax assessed values provided by El Paso County in late November. 

This proposed budget assumes that DWFPD will continue to be a fully independent agency in 2022. If unification with Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Protection District occurs, budget amendment(s) in 2022 will be needed. There are several items in this budget that begin parity with Tri-Lakes Monument in anticipation of unification.

2022 Budget Highlights 

The 2022 proposed budget projects total revenue of $3,336,984. This is $128,236 over 2021, a 4% overall increase. While the property tax revenue based on assessed value increased $345,860, specific ownership tax is projected more conservatively and we are not expecting grant revenue in 2022. 

2022 projected operational expenditures are divided into eight categories for a total of $3,211,976. An additional category of Committed Expenses represents spending from the ending fund balance from previous years for $46,000. This is for a polling place election for open director positions ($1,000) and legal expenses for unification ($45,000). If one or both do not occur, these funds will remain in the ending fund balance unless otherwise allocated by the Board.

Administration $ 138,050

Personnel $ 2,765,117

Emergency Operations $ 116,550

Facilities $ 48,544

Training $ 38,500

Communications $ 105,215

Capital $ 0

Deployment $ 0

This budget authorizes 23 full-time positions as shown below. 

Position TitleTotal Positions
Fire Chief (exempt)1
Administrative Assistant (exempt)1
Battalion Chief3
Firefighter EMT of Firefighter/ Paramedic6
Total Full-Time Positions23

Personnel costs for 2022 for all 23 positions will increase 4%. This matches the inflationary increase at Tri Lakes Monument. It continues the progression of all personnel through the pay plan steps last updated in 2019. The district’s pay plan recognizes increased capabilities due to training and experience over time. Also included in personnel expenses is a change in how overtime is paid after scheduled hours as compared to actual hours worked, and a $2,500 stipend for non-primary paramedics. These are also the same as Tri lakes Monument. Overall, overtime is budgeted lower in 2022 than recent years because the on-duty Battalion Chief fills the first vacancy for minimum staffing. 

Communication costs are proposed at $105,215, a $40,215 increase over 2021. This includes mobile data computers for four frontline apparatus, tablets for medical records in the field, and conversion to Office 365. These provide compatibility with Tri Lakes Monument in anticipation of unification. 

There are no capital or major equipment purchases other than communication equipment in 2022.

Revenue over expenditures is currently projected at $125,008. Of this the Board has directed that $50,000 be dedicated to rebuilding reserves depleted in 2020 and 2021. The remainder, $75,008 is available to fund costs related to unification, or if not used for unification, carried into the ending fund balance and reserves. 

Click here to review a copy of the proposed 2022 Budget

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