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Department Updates

Kids Zone

Fire Safety

Community Room

May 1st is Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day encourages people and organizations everywhere to come together on a single day to take action to raise awareness and reduce wildfire risks. Since in-person gatherings are […]

COVID-19 Information

El Paso County is currently level Yellow. For more information regarding please see: https://www.elpasocountyhealth.org/covid19data-dashboard Questions about COVID-19? If you are in El Paso County and have non-urgent questions about COVID-19, please call […]

Kids Zone

March is National Craft Month! Have fun and help children learn about fire safety and create a home fire escape plan. Once they complete the plan, the activity sheet folds […]


MODERATE Fire Danger Level:

IGNITION: Fires can start from most accidental causes, but with the exception of lightning fires in some areas, the number of starts is generally low.

SPREAD: Fires in open cured grasslands will burn briskly and spread rapidly on windy days. Timber fires spread slowly to moderately fast. The average fire is of moderate intensity, although heavy concentrations of fuel, especially draped fuel, may burn hot.

SPOTTING: Short-distance spotting may occur, but is not persistent.

CONTROL: Fires are not likely to become serious and control is relatively easy.

Wildfire Mitigation and Your Colorado Tax Return

Did you perform fire mitigation on your property in 2020? If you did work in 2020 to make your property safer, you can subtract a portion of the costs from […]