Volunteer Fire Training Topics 2019


July 2 – Volunteer medical training with Centura Health
July 12 – Joint North Group tactical trauma class
July 15, 17, 19 – North Group active shooter exercise
July 23, 29, 31, August 2nd – Live fire training


August 5, 7, 9 – North Group wildland drills

August 6 – Centura volunteer medical training

August 19, 21, 23 – North Group Dr. Hurtado/Centura case studies

August 17, 18 – New volunteer skills days

August 26 – North Group peer support training

August 27 – Live fire training

The Target Solutions platform has been implemented for online trainings. This months assigned topics are hearing conservation, eye protection, sexual harassment, slips trips and falls, HIPPA.

Hose testing will occur the week of August 12th.


9/24/19                Live Fire Training – 1800 AFA


10/22/19              Auto Extrication


11/27/19              Search and Rescue

Unless noted, all trainings are held at Wescott Station #1 and start at 1900 hrs.

All inservices are open to EMTs not affiliated with the Wescott Fire Department that are in need of CEUs unless otherwise noted. They are held the first tuesday of every month (except December) at Wescott Station #1 and start at 1900 hrs.

Dates, times,and subject matter may be changed at any time. If you wish to attend a training session, call Station 1 (488-8680) on the day of the training session to confirm date, time and subject, or if you have any other questions.