Volunteer Fire Training Topics 2018

January – 1/23/18
C Shift
Search and Rescue – D/O Lance

February – 2/27/18
A Shift
Hazmat Refresher – Lt. Balvanz

March – 3/27/18
B Shift
SCBA Confidence – Lt Hampton

April – 4/24/18
C Shift
Wildland Engine Work – Lt. Leonhardt

May – 5/22/18
A Shift
Ventilation – D/O Urban

June – 6/26/18
A Shift
Live Fire Training – Lt. Ackerman

July – 7/24/18
B Shift
Live Fire Training – Capt. Pearson

August – 8/28/18
C Shift
Live Fire Training – Lt. Leonhardt

September – 9/25/18
A Shift
Live Fire Training – Lt. Balvanz

October – 10/23/18
B Shift
Auto Extrication – Capt. Pearson

November – 11/27/18
B Shift
Ice Rescue Refresher (weather dependent) – D/O Krzemien

Unless noted, all trainings are held at Wescott Station #3 at 15000 Sun Hills Dr. and start at 1900 hrs.

All inservices are open to EMTs not affiliated with the Wescott Fire Department that are in need of CEUs unless otherwise noted.

Dates, times,and subject matter may be changed at any time. If you wish to attend a training session, call Station 1 (488-8680) on the day of the training session to confirm date, time and subject, or if you have any other questions.